Open House Conclusion
View the Materials from the September 4th Open House

Materials from the September 4th open house have been posted for you to view.  If you missed the open house or would like to review what was discussed, you may click here for downloadable content.

A summary of the open house will be posted very soon!


The purpose of the Sun Valley Blvd Corridor Study is to identify multimodal transportation (bike, pedestrian, transit, auto) issues and solutions in the Sun Valley Blvd corridor, which can help to facilitate a more livable, safer, and more vibrant community in Sun Valley. The study and improvements are being planned in mind of the redevelopment efforts currently underway in Washoe County.

Project Area

The Corridor extends from Scottsdale Road in Reno to Highland Ranch Parkway.   The study area includes properties generally lying within 1/2 mile of the corridor.

Project Area

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